Flip Your Tail , Catfish

Monday, August 17, 2020

Traveled North and South On Old Man River. Savored the Best gumbo, crawfish at Tabasco Factory, shrimp on mouth of MS, but hands down Lawrence Staton had a deck on MS river near Greenville and Lake Village bridge. He would keep his catfish in a net off the dock and when company came all wouid sit right there as he would filet a fresh fish right out of the water. Right there he had a simple black kettle where mouth watering hush puppies ( with onions) French fries and catfish would flow until you could not walk so you stretched out on the dock and your ears were tuned for a passing barge! Choosing between his whole catfish dipped in egg and tossed with YELLOW cornmeal and filet dipped in egg and flour kept your taste buds dancing as catfish flipped their tail one last time to the tune of dancing waves against the dock . Throw a big pickle on the plate and sip real MS sweet tea as you waited for your catfish to come to the top of the boiling oil. Some memories makes your mouth water even now.


Pere Marquette Lodge

Light, crispy fried chicken at Pere Marquette Lodge. 3 generation tradition. Need to introduce the fourth generation soon.


Buffalo – legless!

We would fish MSRiver where famous William Percy wrote lantern on the Levee-
Cut center portion and you have long thick bone-
Dip in egg
Roll in Yellow Corn Meal
Drop in hot grease-
When it comes to top-

Get big pickle and ice tea! In hot grease throw ihush puppy from leftover meal and egg.


Tiramisu Restaurant

Tiramisu Restaurante in Quincy, Illinois is an authentic Italian restaurant located on right on the Great River Road at 3rd and Hampshire Street. Many members of their staff are true Italians and cook the best pasta, pizza, etc. including Tiramisu that will make you lick your lips and roll your eyes.


Pepin Pub Grille

Pepin Wisconsin.
Great selection of food, beer & wine.
Take a ride around town on a golf cart for two dollars.


Stockholm Pie Shop

STOCKHOLM PIE SHOP, best PIE, we had stopped to see what this store was all about, bought 2 mini pies, one cherry and one very berry pie. went down to a little wayside up the road ( 10 miles ) to eat the pies and decided to turn around and get another peach and blueberry pie to take home ! YUMMY