fishingThe Mississippi River is one of America’s greatest fishing resources, and the Great River Road links anglers with endless fishing opportunities. Travelers along the Great River Road will find hundreds of boat launches and shore-fishing spots on the Mississippi River.

Wide pools in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are known for their walleye fishing. The segment of the river that passing through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee offer an incredible range of fish species, including walleye, crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass and catfish. Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana offer the Mississippi River’s finest catfishing.

Compared to other fisheries in the United States, the Mississippi River is underutilized. That means anglers will enjoy good numbers of fish and a chance of catching a true trophy. An angler could spend his entire life fishing a thirty mile segment of the 3,000-mile river and never learn all of that stretch’s secrets. It is truly one of the world’s great fisheries.

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