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The Mississippi River Parkway Commission (MRPC) and Mississippi River Country (MRC) work collaboratively to promote travel to the Mississippi River, Great River Road All-American Road and the surrounding 10 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Mississippi River Parkway Commission (MRPC)

The MRPC is a 10-state organization that was established in 1938 to work collectively to promote, enhance, and preserve the Great River Road and the Mississippi River. The MRPC works to foster economic growth in the corridor and develop the Great River Road.

For decades, the volunteers of the MRPC have coordinated efforts on federal, state, and local levels to leverage millions of dollars for highway improvements, recreation trails, bikeways, scenic overlooks, and historic preservation. The MRPC works collaboratively with Mississippi River Country USA to coordinate both domestic and international marketing for the river valley, and facilitates efforts to enhance economic development and resource awareness.

Donations to the MRPC Foundation Endowment – The MRPC created the MRPC Foundation Endowment Fund to help sustain the mission of the MRPC for generations to come. Find how you can help improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to the Great River Road and the Mississippi River Valley.

Download the Endowment Brochure PDF

Mississippi River Country USA (MRC)

The MRC was established in 1986 to use the global awareness of the Mississippi River to market the 10 states along the river, in their entirety, both domestically and to countries throughout the world.

Guided by the tourism offices of the 10 Mississippi River states, the MRC is a multi-state marketing program designed to bring domestic and international visitors to the region. It works with tour operators, media, and consumers to promote, stimulate, and foster travel to the 10 Mississippi River states.

Visit the Mississippi River Country website for more information. Japanese travelers can find specific information at mrcusa.jp.

For any other information about this website, please contact the MRPC National Office.

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