Flip Your Tail, Catfish

Monday, September 28, 2020

Traveled North and South On Old Man River. Savored the Best gumbo, crawfish at Tabasco Factory, shrimp on mouth of MS, but hands down Lawrence Staton had a deck on MS river near Greenville and Lake Village bridge. He would keep his catfish in a net off the dock and when company came all wouid sit right there as he would filet a fresh fish right out of the water. Right there he had a simple black kettle where mouth watering hush puppies ( with onions) French fries and catfish would flow until you could not walk so you stretched out on the dock and your ears were tuned for a passing barge! Choosing between his whole catfish dipped in egg and tossed with YELLOW cornmeal and filet dipped in egg and flour kept your taste buds dancing as catfish flipped their tail one last time to the tune of dancing waves against the dock . Throw a big pickle on the plate and sip real MS sweet tea as you waited for your catfish to come to the top of the boiling oil. Some memories makes yout mouth water even now.


Love that “river cat’…”

Even just this far from the river(s), it’s difficult to find river cat… Farm cat is too soft, has less flavor… so totally unsatisfactory. I lived in Prairie du Chien for a lovely time, which has the advantage of the meeting of TWO rivers, and was fortunate to become friends with some great fishermen… who took pity on me and even cleaned the cats for me !! (Anyone who’s ever tried to clean a catfish know what a blessing that is !!) (And by the way, I also love Culver’s !!)



North Broadway St. Louis Mo
Best BBQ south of Alton


Seafood gumbo

Roux-thickened, full of crab, shrimp, fish and okra!


Lark Toys – place to visit: Carousel, fudge, toy store, bookstore


River Road

Been on the river road since I lived in Montrose as a child. Love farmers markets and bbq.


Frog Legs

I took the Great River Road from Lake Itasca, Mn. to Hannibal, Mo.
While there, I enjoyed frog legs for the first time at a restaurant near the Tom Sawyer Center. Add the hot sauces to really perk up the taste. Owner said legs are becoming more difficult to find so getum quick.


West Side Cafe

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

This fabulous mom and pop restaurant has the BEST breakfasts anywhere, hands down! It is a definite stop when we are in the Little Falls, MN area. It’s like going to a family friend’s house for breakfast.

I go for the stuffed hash browns almost every time. Holey moley, they are SO good. When I don’t get those, everything omelet keeps me happy until lunchtime. SOOO yummy!

The food is awesome, the prices are great, and the service is friendly. Stop in (119 W Broadway) and check them out the next time you are even close to Little Falls. But bring your cash as they don’t accept debit or credit cards.


What BBQ

We love the food that Mike and Schill create in their scratch kitchen at What BBQ. The environment here is so friendly. Love everything, but our faves are the ribs and their pulled chicken and desserts. They mix some awesome cocktails as well!


Pickled Loon Saloon

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Pickled Loon Saloon is a great place to drive, boat or paddle into. They are located on Pokegama Lake in Grand Rapids. Pokegama Lake is a Mississippi River reservoir lake. They have a wide variety menu and many options that are heart healthy, gluten and vegetarian. They have live music out on their patio during COVID-19. They are requiring masks while in the restaurant. The offer outdoors dining as well. They welcomed goats to the island located in front of the restaurant to eat down the greenery versus using harsh chemicals to get rid of the weeds.