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fall-colorThe Great River Road National Scenic Byway was built for auto tours. The National Scenic Byways designation recognizes the Great River Road’s incredible history, cultural offerings, recreational opportunities and natural beauty. The Great River Road has been developed specifically to accommodate tourists traveling by car and motorcycle. This can be seen in the Great Rive Road’s route, road design, roadside amenities, historic markers, scenic overlooks and abundant attractions. The Great River Road is truly America’s best scenic drive.

At 3,000 miles, the Great River Road provides you with many options. You can spend a weekend traveling the Great River Road through one state or a week traveling through an entire region. Travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the history, culture and scenery of the Mississippi River Region could spend several weeks traveling the Great River Road.

cape-girardeau-bridgeA number of scenic byways intersect with the Great River Road, providing thousands of miles in additional touring opportunities. Tour more than 20 different scenic byways in Minnesota. Wind your way along the bluffs in Wisconsin. Enjoy eleven designated scenic byways in Iowa. Explore Historic Route 66 and other historic routes in Illinois. Route 66, Crowley’s Ridge and other outstanding roadways meander through Missouri. Travel the Country Music Highway and five other National Scenic Byways in Kentucky. See mountains and cascading waterfalls along Tennessee’s scenic byways. Climb high into the mountains along some of Arkansas’s most beautiful highways. Connect to the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi. And, take the scenic route in Louisiana and discover the history of the American South.

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