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Pepin Pub Grille

By: William Stemper

Pepin Wisconsin.
Great selection of food, beer & wine.
Take a ride around town on a golf cart for two dollars.


Stockholm Pie Shop


STOCKHOLM PIE SHOP, best PIE, we had stopped to see what this store was all about, bought 2 mini pies, one cherry and one very berry pie. went down to a little wayside up the road ( 10 miles ) to eat the pies and decided to turn around and get another peach and blueberry pie to take home ! YUMMY


The Boat House Restaurant

By: Judy Potvin

Boat House Lucy: 1/2 lb grass fed ground beef, stuffed with Ellsworth Dairy cheese curds, topped with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, garlic aoli, truffle oil and served with house cut fries 15


Harbor View Cafe, Pepin WI

By: Peggy Larson

This is such a good restaurant, it is worth the 1.5 hour drive from the Cities, just to eat here – every dish I’ve had here has been really well made. Las time we had a delicious pork tenderloin and their haddock is famous!!

Worth a stop. Get there early to avoid crowds.


Ojans Fish Stand

By: Al Skroska

Fried buffalo fish sandwich, bring your appetite,it’s big.
Enjoy it on the porch overlooking the Illinois River where it meets the Mississippi in Grafton.



By: Al Skroska

Best BBQ on The River north of St. Louis
Excellent Sunday brunch, all you can eat BBQ plus sides, sides, sides.

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Old Bakery Beer

By: Richard

Old Bakery Beer in Alton, IL offers a great variety of ales, stouts, porters & beers! Their Octoberfest bier which should be available soon is one of the best beers in StL metro area during the Fall! Their fare is also very good! Their Ruben, Cuban, & Burgers are flavorful & filling. The staff are very helpful & know their products very well! I recommend ordering a couple of flights.


Fast Eddie’s Bon Air

By: Alfred J. Wilson

The Bon Air. but more well known as Fast Eddie’s in Alton, IL; is a wonderful place for boiled shrimp, great burgers, cold beer, fun crowds, and all at most reasonable prices.