Flavor Type: Restaurant


Best Hot Tamales in the Universe

By: Martin

Rhoda’s Famous Hot Tamales. Rhoda Adams makes great homemade Hot Tamales along with wonderful lunch items like smothered pork chops or fried chicken along with the best cabbage that no other restaurant can touch.


Three Sister’s Margarita- Acapulco Bar-Grill

By: Jenna K

Have mercy! The perfect ending to a loooong Monday, meeting day, no less. Acapulco offers a bevy of authentic Mexican cuisine. Their salsa packs a punch and pairs perfectly with their Margarita menu. I had a chalupa but ate it before I thought to take a photo. Mmmmm! Satisfaction!



Sammy’s Pizza

By: Jonnie Daly

Started in Hibbing MN in the 50s Sammy’s is an all star favorite of ours and multitudes of visitors to our beautiful state. One of the first places the kids want to go when they come home. We frequent the one in Grand Rapids MN the most.
The Crew and the Italian sausage and mushroom are two of our best picks.