See the Great River Road in the New York Times!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Earlier this month, the New York Times published an engaging, expansive feature about the Great River Road. 

Travel writer Peter Kujawinski’s piece, “Along the Mississippi,” recounts a family road trip along the Great River Road from Illinois to Mississippi. He highlights several stops along the route, including interpretive centers in Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and many other states.

Kujawinski also mentions the Mississippi River Parkway Commission’s free 10-state Great River Road map.

Our guide during the entire trip was a surprisingly useful – and free – foldout map of the Great River Road, published by the Mississippi River Parkway Commission. It identified interpretive centers connected to the byway in each state along the river. These were a mix of museums, historic sites, nature centers and other attractions.

Order your copy today!

Read more of Kujawinski’s reflections on his trip here, or peruse our itineraries to find one that matches your interests.

Happy driving!

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