Frequently asked questions

Great River Road

What is the Great River Road?
The Great River Road is a National Scenic Byway that follows the Mississippi River through 10 states, from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.
What is the length of the Great River Road?
3,000 miles. It takes about 36 hours of straight driving to travel from north to south along the road. Most people allow 4-5 days for the trip.
How do I know if I’m on the Great River Road?
Look for the pilot’s wheel. All along the Great River Road, travelers will find white signs displaying the green pilot’s wheel logo.
What is a National Scenic Byway?
This federal designation recognizes routes that have special significance. The Great River Road has outstanding assets in the areas of culture, history, nature, recreation and scenic beauty.
What is an Interpretive Center?
Interpretive centers provide interesting information about wildlife, history, geology and landscape. There are nearly 100 designated interpretive centers along the Great River Road.

App questions

How do I find my location on the app?
Click the compass icon in the upper left corner of the map to determine your location.
Do I need a data connection to use the app?
Yes, to use all the features of the app you will need to be online.
Does the app provide directions to the featured attractions along the route.
Yes, select the marker on the map to obtain directions.
How can I see more details on the map?
Use your fingers to zoom in for more detail.

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